About the Vermont Creative Network

The Vermont Creative Network is a broad collective of organizations, businesses, and individuals working to advance Vermont’s creative sector. Creative industries and occupations provide nearly nine percent of all employment in Vermont. From Bennington to Newport, arts and culture significantly bolster the local economy and are at the heart of Vermont's identity.



Welcome to CREATE VT -- the home base for the Vermont Creative Network's action planning process.

Vermont is full of creative people, businesses, organizations and communities. The Vermont Creative Network is here to support and connect them. CREATE VT is here to help grow and strengthen the Vermont Creative Network.

The Vermont Legislature authorized the Vermont Creative Network in 2016. Since then, creative Vermonters have been connecting and researching and working together to explore ways to advance the creative sector. This fall, we're coming together to finish an action plan for the network. In 2020-2021, the VCN has come together to craft a vision for Vermont's creative sector, identify high priority action areas, and make a plan for moving forward. The draft plan is out and the final version will be released this summer. Scroll down to learn more about this process and the Vermont Creative Network.


Create VT 

Welcome! This is home base for the Vermont Creative Network's strategic planning process. Find out more about the plan and planning process.



The Vermont Creative Network offers resources, advocates for support for the creative sector, and connects creatives across the state. 


Creative Sector

Creative industries provide 9% of all employment in Vermont. Dig into data, reports, and details of how Vermont's creative economy is organized and why it matters.

About Us

The Vermont Creative Network is an initiative of the Vermont Arts Council.

The Create VT process is designed and led by Community Workshop.