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Research & Data

Vermont's creative economy creates jobs, attracts tourists, builds business, and strengthens communities. And it's much more diverse than most people think. It includes not just art and artists, but people working in and supporting a wide variety of industries and endeavors.


Just how big is it? And what's our impact? VCN commissioned Mt. Auburn Associates in 2018 to find out.

They found that Vermont's creative sector includes 40,894 jobs across six critical disciplines: visual arts and fine crafts, culture and heritage, design, literary arts, performing arts, film and media, and specialty foods. 

Want to explore the data and numbers behind Vermont's creative sector? Click here to explore the Mt. Auburn report (PDF).

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VCN Zone Reports

UVM planning students reviewed action ideas and produced reports for VCN's regional zones, and some zones have their own strategic plans. Check out what's happening in your region.